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Vol 7 No 1 (2024)

Jurnal Akuntansi STEI, Vol 7. No. 1 (January, 2024)


Jurnal Akuntansi STEI policy mandates the use of the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY). Articles in the journal are freely available to the public

Published: 2024-01-31
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Jurnal Akuntansi STEI (e-ISSN , p-ISSN 2442-4072) is a peer-reviewed journal published by Bagian Pengelolaan Jurnal dan Penerbitan, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Indonesia Jakarta (BPJP-STEI) on a regular basis (January and July). Jurnal Akuntansi STEI encourages academics and (or) researchers to disseminate the results of empirical research and conceptual critical review of contemporary accounting issues of national and international interest. Articles submitted can be drawn from any research paradigm such as positivism, interpretivism, criticism, and postmodernism paradigm.

Jurnal Akuntansi STEI publishes articles on specific themes of the private and public sectors of accounting:
  1. Financial Accounting: Sharia Accounting, Tax Accounting, Auditing, and Market Based Accounting.
  1. Management Accounting: Cost Accounting, Behavioral Accounting, and Accounting Information System.
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